Avery Essential Oil Labels

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Avery Essential Oil Labels are high-quality, crystal clear and 100% waterproof. They come on 2 x 3 self-adhesive labels, with a peel & stick backing for easy application.

Avery Essential Oil Labels

Avery Essential Oil Labels are designed to be used as an easy and cost effective way to help you label your products. These Avery blue spiral ES labels offer a professional look with low tack adhesive and great print quality.

አስፈላጊ ዘይት ሮለር መለያዎች

Custom bottle and label printing for your essential oils, blending and massage products.

ለአስፈላጊ ዘይት ጠርሙሶች ባዶ መለያዎች

Avery Essential Oil Labels are durable and water-resistant, so you can use them again and again. Each paper is designed to prevent ink from seeping through the edges or from smearing or transferring onto other surfaces. Additionally, these labels are flexible enough to be easily applied to nearly any surface without cracking or sticking together on you.

አስፈላጊ ዘይት መለያ

Avery: Our custom-made essential oil labels are printed on self-adhesive polypropylene and weatherproof, so your label will last the test of time. Perfect for any essential oil use!

አስፈላጊ ዘይት ሮለር ጠርሙስ መለያ አብነት

When you buy our essential oils, you”re not just buying from us — you”re getting the best quality product and superior design! With a wide variety of labels available for all our scents, Avery Essential Oil Labels can help you inform about your products to the right audience.

Avery Essential Oil Labels

Avery Essential Oil Labels are the perfect addition to your essential oils bottles and containers. This set includes 5 labels per package—1 for each of the following essential oils: lavender, peppermint, lemon, tea tree, and clary sage.

ክሪንክሊ ውሃ የማይገባ አስፈላጊ ዘይት መለያዎች

Avery Essential Oil Labels are made with high quality photo paper and have a 4 mil thickness, helping to prevent bleeding and repositioning. They are available in labels that look great on your bottle or display, so you can choose the one that best fits your brand.

ክሪንክሊ ውሃ የማይገባ አስፈላጊ ዘይት መለያዎች

Avery Essential Oil Labels are available in a variety of sizes including 1/2 oz., 1 oz., and 5 lb. Rolls, or as individual sheets or reams. Custom sizes are also available. Avery”s label product line is customizable to your company”s specifications, so you can create the perfect label for your essential oil label packaging.

አስፈላጊ ዘይት ጠርሙስ መለያ ንድፍ

Avery Essential Oil Labels are a simple, decorative way to label your containers and keep track of the contents.

Avery Essential Oil Labels

Avery Essential Oil Labels are perfect for your essential oil blends, blends, recipes and bath bombs. Avery labels have a matte finish that is easy to write on, comes in many colors and can be customized with a name or logo.

Cricut አስፈላጊ ዘይት መለያዎች

Avery Essential Oil labels can help you keep your essential oils safe and organized. Choose from the Avery Essential Oil Labels that are designed to fit your bottles, as well as prime, generic and custom labeling options so that you can make your space look as beautiful as possible!

ለአስፈላጊ ዘይቶች ተለጣፊ መለያዎች

Avery Essential Oil Labels are a convenient way to personalize essential oil bottles for home, business and everyday use. Simply write on each label with a Sharpie marker pen, print to your desired size, tear off and apply to your favorite bottle. Avery packs these simple labels in a stylish gift box so they make a great gift and they”re easy to use!

ነጭ መለያ አስፈላጊ ዘይቶች

Avery Essential Oil Labels are perfect for home, office and travel. Featuring a white gloss finished acrylic label which is 100% plastic – durable, moisture resistant and wipe clean. These Avery essential oil labels are very easy to install and can be repositioned if needed.

Labels For Essential Oil Roller Bottles

Avery Essential Oil Labels are made from a super durable vinyl and designed to stand up to frequent use, great for labeling gifts and selling at farmers markets! Avery plastic name tags are available in many popular colors. They”re easy to write on, acid free, weatherproof, and never shed or curl. Avery labels offer a 1/4 split so you can fit them over your glass bottle for a finished look as well as making it easy to see if the bottles are full or empty. Avery Essential Oil Labels come in rolls of 100 at bulk prices!