Young Living Essential Oils Label Colors

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Set your essential oils in a custom design label. Available sizes are 2mL, 5mL, 10mL and 20mL.

Young Living Essential Oils Label Colors

We’ve created a beautiful line of Young Living essential oils and dispensers that are easy to use and blanketing the market. We hope you enjoy all that our labels offer.

አስፈላጊ ዘይት የግል መለያ ህንድ

Each Young Living Essential Oils Label is designed and printed entirely in house, with the highest production standards. The colors and design featured on our Label change every year. We pride ourselves on creating products that are entirely unique to our brand, utilizing high quality materials and offering an exceptional product experience.

አስፈላጊ ዘይት መለያ አታሚ

Essential oils come in many different forms, including vials and tinctures – bottled essential oils. Pure essential oils are highly refined and distilled from plant materials that have been processed through a variety of processes. They have been tested for purity, concentration, and quality standards. What”s more, Young Living labels each bottle with the exact percentage of active ingredients in the oil so you can always know exactly what you’re getting when you use our products.

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Count on Young Living Essential Oils to create bottles that fit in with your style and the way you look for the most natural, high-quality product possible. The wide range of bottle colors available mean you can find the best tissue pouch, glass dropper and b&m container that matches your personal brand.

ወጣት ሕያው አስፈላጊ ዘይት ጠርሙስ መለያዎች

Young Living essential oil label colors are the most beautiful and professional in the industry. They are made to be attractive and clean, yet simple, so the essential oils can be seen easily. Each color has its own symbolism.

Young Living Essential Oils Label Colors

We’ve designed this adorable 3×4 vinyl label to help you be proud of your oils. The colors can also be color matched to your favorite Young Living Essential Oils colors, and go great with any decor!

Cricut አስፈላጊ ዘይት መለያዎች

You can customize the color of your Young Living Essential Oils Label to add a special touch to your bottles. We offer three different colors to choose from that best suit your brand.

አስፈላጊ ዘይት ካፕ መለያዎች

The colors of our custom essential oil labels are ideal for your brand and can be used on a variety of items. These vibrant colors will grab the attention of your customers and make them crave what you have to offer!

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Browse our extensive selection of Independent Distributors authentic and proprietary essential oils. Find your ideal blend, and add the perfect essential oil to your home!

Young Living Essential Oils Label Colors

Every bottle of Young Living essential oils comes with a full water-based, 100% compostable label that is printed on fully compostable and biodegradable paper.

አስፈላጊ ዘይት የግል መለያ

The ideal essential oil oils for personal use, Young Living”s Essential Oils Label Colors are a must-have for your home or office.

አስፈላጊ ዘይት መለያ አብነት

The Young Living color codes help you see exactly what oils you’re using and how they can impact your health, mood, energy and daily life. The Young Living Essential Oils Label lets you not only identify the scent of each oil but also its therapeutic benefits for your body and overall well-being.

ሊታተም የሚችል አስፈላጊ ዘይት መለያዎች

The basic, reliable and trusted brand is valued by millions of families. The Young Living Essential Oils Label Colors are inspired by the flowers, trees and plants that inspired Mrs. Young to blend these oils into their premium blend.

የግል መለያ ኦርጋኒክ አስፈላጊ ዘይቶች ዩሳ

Display your Young Living Essential Oils business name in style with our custom made essential oils labels. Choose from a variety of colors for the front, back and spine of the label, allowing you to create a distinctive, eye-catching label design uniquely suited to your brand. From personalization options such as text, logo or graphic designs to ability to print on clear film, you can customize all aspects of your Young Living Essential Oil Label.

ለአስፈላጊ ዘይት ጠርሙሶች ባዶ መለያዎች

When preparing your products, you have the option of adding some personal touch using Young Living essential oils blends. Change the look and feel of your customer”s packaging with one of our templates and labels in vibrant colors.

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The Young Living product line includes more than 100 oils, each containing flavor and fragrance benefits, as well as specific nutrients. These attitude and energy oils can be used in blending to create spa treatments, homemade cleaners and personal care products.