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Growing chamomile could be tough work, because this plant is sensitive to changes in weather conditions. The annual rainfall in Hungary is relatively high and constant, combined with a stable climate. We grow chamomile successfully in this region.

Як гэта працуе?

Chamomile resembles daisies with a clear yellow center, white petals, and gray-green leaves. Some people say chamomile essential oil smells like apples. Chamomile contains chamazulene, which is important in therapeutic applications because of its notable radical scavenging activity. Like daisies, this plant grows on the ground and is only 1-2 feet tall. 

We harvest chamomile shortly after blooming, then extract essential oil via steam distillation.

Oil From This Farm:

Эфірны алей рамонка

Праванс, Францыя


Why is France?

France is famous for cultivating high-quality lavender. 

This region is a paradise for growing aromatic plants, and the local people acquire rich expertise in the growing history. The sunny climate and the well-drained sandy soil make France’s growing conditions ideal.

Some historians claimed that French lavender production could date back to 600 BC.

We establish a lavender essential oil factory in France. Although it is owned by AromaEasy, this factory is actually a French essential oil company, built and managed by French. 

Experts, distillers, farmers, and engineers combine flawless skills and common efforts to promote the community’s development. This essential oil company works with more than 75 lavender farms in a small radius near Provence. We do this to bring lavender from farms to the factory in time, because the lavender must be distilled within one day of harvest. And we complete the annual production work in only 4 weeks. During these weeks, AromaEasy employees work 24/7 to guarantee the best quality lavender oil.

While lavender’s color is most vivid in early summer, we harvest them in July. Once exposed to high temperatures in summer, its brilliant purple color begins to fade, and the lavender produces oil with higher amounts as well as higher quality.

In this essential oil factory, we test the quality of crops and essential oils from farmers. We set up a laboratory with a gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC / MS) machine near the factory to confirm the quality of essential oils.

Oil From This Farm:

Эфірны алей лаванды

In a word, AromaEasy is a trustworthy essential oil company


Why we choose Bulgaria

The tulips have been cultivated and harvested in Bulgaria for more than 200 years. With such a background of growing aromatic plants for essential oils, Bulgaria boasts some of the world’s reputable essential oil research, development, and production.

Owning a sunny and dry climate along with sandy soil that create perfect conditions, Bulgaria has become one of the largest producers of tulip essential oil in the world.

And, how does it work?

Tulipa Gesneriana is what we choose for the cultivation and extraction to get tulip essential oil. We plant tulips in the fall and harvest them next year. Tulips prefer sandy soils with a temperate climate and mild winters. We extract the essential oil from petals via steam distilling. AromaEasy’s employees pick flowers by hand early in the morning and then distill them later on the same date. It is important to do so to collect more precious oil from tulip petals.

Why us?

The establishment of this factory offers a notable economic revitalization in Bulgaria, creating and keeping job opportunities within this region. More and more farmers come to us with their crops. This can be related to a few things, like our efforts in quality and sustainability, and AromaEasy’s reputation as a fair and reliable buyer. And we regard this as an honor. 

Oil From This Farm:

Tulip Essential Oil | Эфірны алей ружы

In a word, AromaEasy is a trustworthy essential oil company