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These Essential Oil warning labels are printed on thick, plastic, recyclable lamination. They are a nice size to place on bottles so they can be seen, and helps consumer”s quickly recognize the dangers of using essential oils.

Etiquetas de advertencia de aceites esenciais

Essential oil warning labels are a great way to let your customers know how to use your essential oils. It also helps inform them of any allergies they may have and other health concerns they should be aware of. These custom essential oil warning tags are made especially for your products so they are water resistant and will last a long time.

Oil Proof Labels For Essential Oil Bottles

If you”re not sure what you”re doing, this essential oil kit is a must-have. It includes a high quality essential oil warning label that says DO NOT EAT so that you and others don”t accidentally eat your own product!

Private Label Essential Oil Candles

This is a Self Adhesive Label, which you can use to put the label of your product when you want it to protect it and to make sure that it is precisely placed.

Labels For Essential Oil Roller Bottles

Are you an essential oil seller and want to know if someone had put your labels in a bottle? This is what you need. These 6 essential oil warning labels are designed to fit on most essential oil bottles and allow you to quickly tell your customers whether their product has been tampered with.

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Our essential oil warning labels are simple and easy to apply. The first use is free with all orders.

Etiquetas de advertencia de aceites esenciais

Essential oils are a type of health care products that is used by people. They mainly help in improving their lives a lot. There are certain types of essential oils for different age group people and for different purpose in your life. It is very possible that the essential oils you use have been soaked into the organic substances of an organic plant or plant-based product over time which can be aged, damaged, and contaminated so only natural and pure essential oils should be used to get the full benefits of these products

Essential Oils Private Label

Essential oil warning labels give you all the important information you need about using essential oils. The labels have specially-formulated and tested to ensure that they will not compromise the quality of your product.

Essential Oil Inhaler Labels

Essential Oil Warning Labels These essential oil warning labels are great for your bathroom vanity, medicine cabinet and anywhere else you want to label your oils.

Etiquetas de aceites esenciais para botellas

We offer a variety of essential oil warning labels that are perfect for your business. In addition to our standard labels, we offer custom warnings in any size you wish!

Etiquetas de advertencia de aceites esenciais

If you are new to aromatherapy or unsure of what products to use, we recommend a safe and effective way to try new oils. These labels show you which essential oils are safe for almost any situation and how to use them properly.

Free Printable Essential Oil Roller Bottle Labels

If you are new to essential oils, we recommend the following labels. They are authentic and fairly priced. The primary differences between our labels and others on the market is that they are made with food safe materials, contain no toxic chemicals, and they have very clear instructions printed directly on each label.

Essential Oils Private Label

Essential oils are incredibly powerful. They are potent and may be harmful if ingested. Essential oils are not the same as herbs or botanical extracts. Do not ingest them, use only a few drops on your skin or in your diffuser at a time before using. Some essential oils can be dangerous to pregnant women or nursing mothers, so you should always consult with a doctor before using essential oils if that applies to you.