Case To Hold Essential Oils

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Keep essential oils fresh and fragrant with this case. Fantastic for storing your oil blends, this rigid plastic container will keep your oils fresh and clean.

Case For Essential Oils

This essential oil storage case is perfect for small, confidential and personal use. This case is also suitable for storing your favorite oils on-the-go. It comes with a specially designed top with secure carrying handle and secure locking mechanism to prevent spills and breakage. It has a generous compartment for all types of oils including carrier oils, dilutions & blends.

Large Essential Oil Case

Essential oil storage is a must for any concerned, conscientious individual. Store your premium aromatherapy oils in this case for optimal protection and convenience, allowing you to enjoy them whenever and wherever you like.

Doterra Essential Oil Case

Keep essential oils fresh and dry, safe from the elements with our 2.5 Gallon Essential Oil Storage. Perfect for storing four bottles of your favorite oils, this heavy-duty plastic container protects from rain, sun and humidity while offering easy access for safety.

15 Ml Essential Oil Carrying Case

Our case is specifically designed to keep your oils safe and protected, allowing you to reap the benefits of oils in their purest form.

Essential Oil Case For 15ml Bottles

Essential oils are important to stock in your home. They are true gifts from Mother Earth that can help you with everything from headaches and insomnia to emotional balancing and stress relief. Most people keep them in a bottle, but our new case for essential oils comes with six convenient glass bottles that hold 2ml each.

Case For Essential Oils

Essential oil storage containers keep your oils protected and safe, so they can last longer. The bottle is made of sturdy glass, which allows you to pour out the oil directly onto the label by hand. The flip top cap protects the top layer of oil from human contact, preventing accidental exposure and the growth of unwanted microbes.

Essential Oil Keychain Case

This oil storage case is the perfect solution for storing essential oils and other aromatic blends indoors. The transparent box has been designed with an easy-to-use drawstring top, making it simple to fill with your favorite blends.

Essential Oil Carrying Case Target

This essential oil storage case includes 12 separate bottles and a variety of sizes, so you can select the one that”s right for your needs. This essential oil storage case is safe and easy to use, and it”s also BPA-free.

Large Essential Oil Carrying Case

Keep essential oils at their best with our smartly designed amber glass storage case with snap-on lid. The snap-on lid allows you to quickly organize and protect your precious oils, while the secure locking mechanism keeps them from moving once closed. Ideal for applying top quality oils by massage therapists, aromatherapists, spas and anyone else who cares about the scent of these precious plants.

Case For Essential Oils

Essential oil storage is a necessity, especially if you are a collector or use essential oils in your massage therapy. Store your oils away from sunlight to keep your blends fresh and safe. The best way to store your oils is in glass bottles that seal tightly and keep moisture out.

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Essential Oil Storage is a case to hold your favorite essential oils. This case is perfect for traveling, storing your bottles at home and more.

Case To Hold Essential Oils

This essential oil storage case is made of a durable and versatile material, suitable for protecting your precious oil bottles while they are stored. The integrated iron clamp keeps essential oil bottles secure and allows you to easily open and close the case with one hand.

Aromatherapy Case

Make your home a more inviting environment with this essential oil storage case. It has an opaque plastic that allows you to see what”s inside from the outside, and a clear front so you can differentiate between oils. This two-part refill includes 10 rigid, double-wall plastic bottles with lids and an additional 20 soft, half-pint bottles with droppers for easier application. The larger bottles are best suited for travel purposes.

Essential Oil Diffuser Travel Case

This essential oil storage case is perfect for holding your favorite oils! With a hinged lid, you can see the contents inside and use an elegant metal stand. You can easily transport these handy cases with their convenient handle or hang them on a hook for years of use.

Aromatherapy Oil Carry Case

Case to Store Essential Oils. Case to store essential oils in the most creative and luxurious way possible. Each case comes with a custom black satin lining, 2 decorative pillows, and a soft cotton blanket.

Essential Oil Bottle Case

Essential oils can be a valuable resource, but with the need to store them often comes frustration. What to do with your collection? This handy case can be easily carried and will protect your oils from damage – keeping them in pristine condition for years to come.

Case To Hold Essential Oils

Essential oil storage is an art – we believe it”s one that you need to master if you expect to be storing your oils properly. We offer a range of tins, cans and jars that can help you organize and store your oils in an organized manner so they are safe, easy to access and ready when you are.

Essential Oil Roller Bottle Case

This durable wooden container is perfect for storing your essential oils, and includes a latch to keep them secured. This case is made in the USA.

Essential Oils Storage Box

Create an easy, beautiful and secure way to store your essential oils. This 4-ounce glass bottle is large enough to hold almost any oil but small enough to be taken on the go. The glass bottle is topped by a cork stopper that seals tightly.