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Our Crinklee waterproof labels are made from a high quality, adhesive free paper and are water resistant. They measure 5.25 in height. The paper labels are printed with your custom text in a crisp white ink, so you can add your personal touch to each bottle of essential oils.

Crinklee Անջրանցիկ եթերայուղի պիտակներ

Treat yourself to our clear, waterproof labels so you can make sure your essential oil stays secure, no matter where you go.

Crinklee Անջրանցիկ եթերայուղի պիտակներ

Make your bottles last longer, and protect your essential oils with Crinklee Waterproof Essential Oil Labels. Available in both a convenient roll and pry-off format, these labels are made from a thicker paper so they”re more durable than many alternatives, without sacrificing the convenience of roll labels for traveling. The roll-style comes in one size that works for 2ml bottles (not included), while the pry-offs come in 3 sizes that work for 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz., and 5ml bottles (not included). Each label is perforated on all sides so you can tear off as many as you need or cut them apart at any time during their life cycle to make multiple labels.

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We love these waterproof Labels with your brand name or message imprinted—perfect for the beach and every outdoor occasion.

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These water-resistant labels are the perfect solution for your essential oil blends.

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Crinklee Labels are a great way to get your brand’s name out there in an engaging and attractive way. You can use them to label a bottle of oil, or create a custom label for your business

Crinklee Անջրանցիկ եթերայուղի պիտակներ

Crinklee Waterproof Essential Oil Labels— Your customers stay at home and on the go with Crinklee Waterproof Essential Oil Labels. The labels are easy to peel off of their bottles, and the labels are durable enough to withstand moisture, heat from a hot car or even dropping on cement.

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Essential oils are formed from the volatile oils (also known as the “fractional distillates”) in plants, fruits and herbs. The most common essential oils are citrus oil, flower, leaf and mint oils. If you want to use them for aromatherapy purposes or to smell good, you need a product that gets the job done. That’s why we created our Crinklee Waterproof Essential Oil Labels. Made with natural rubber, these labels are completely waterproof

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These essential oil labels are a great way to enhance your craft projects, gift bags, and more. Whether you”re making your own candles or skin care products, these waterproof labels allow you to label your bottles with ease whenever you need to refill. And because each pack contains 100 labels in 2-inch x 2-inch format (they fit conveniently on standard-sized bottles or other items that require labels), it”s easy to stock up on them!

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Crinklee Labels are a completely waterproof, heat-resistant vinyl label with a base of a non-sticky acrylic material.

Crinklee Անջրանցիկ եթերայուղի պիտակներ

Crinklee Waterproof Essential Oil Labels are die-cut paper, durable and super sticky. The adhesive backing sticks to most surfaces so they can be applied without having to remove them.

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These Crinklee Waterproof Essential Oil Labels are the perfect way to infuse your homemade products with essential oils. These patented waterproof labels seal with a satisfying snap! and won”t come off on hands or clothing. The self-adhesive backing is removable, so labels can be changed as often as needed without soaking them in water.

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Crinklee Waterproof Essential Oil Labels are a great solution for anyone wanting to label their bottles. They withstand even the most extreme conditions such as water, humidity, oil and so on. The labels can be easily written on with any pen and the black ink won”t fade or rub off over time.

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Our Crinklee waterproof essential oil labels are available in different sizes and shapes, including the popular round bottle labels, square bottle labels and triangle bottle labels. The sleek and modern design of these labels makes them perfect for any essential oil bottle or container.