Essential Oil Label

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Our Essential Oil Label is a durable and eco-friendly way to package your products, so that you can concentrate on what matters most: creating amazing products.

Essential Oil Label

Don’t put up with heavy bottles of essential oils anymore. These branded essential oil labels are an innovative way to identify, sell or for your customers to find you.

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High quality and exclusive label design for all EO products from our certified distributor service group.

Essential Oil Label Size

If you”re going to sell essential oils, your label is the part that makes or breaks it. Choose from a variety of options for a highly attractive, attractive and informative label for your valuable product.

Essential Oil Labels Doterra

Essential Oil Label is the most accurate and reliable way to label your oils. You will receive professional looking labels with all the information you need to ensure the safe use of your oils.

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Your favorite essential oil is now in a convenient, recyclable plastic bottle so you can keep it close to your home. This bottle comes with a reusable label that identifies the contents of the bottle and provides the product name, ingredient list and contact information. The label can be removed from the bottle and replaced with a fresh one whenever it gets dirty or lost.

Essential Oil Label

The best way to get a custom label for your essential oil bottles is by first visiting our website at and downloading our designer tools. You can then customize the text elements (font, color, size and location) using their design tool. Once you have created your label through the design tool you may upload it to the website here so we can print it on your labels (they take between 4-6 weeks to be printed).

Essential Oil Vinyl Labels

This 3 x 5 label comes pre-printed with your chosen Essential Oils. Enjoy a convenient and easy way to store and track your essential oils that you use daily.

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Personalized Essential Oil Label made of waterproof material that gives an upscale look, Style it up and make sure to include your name and phone number

Essential Oil Label Stickers

Whether you’re selling the oils or giving them as gifts, having a custom label can really set them apart. We will design a label from scratch or alter any of our existing designs to add your logo, information and colors. The labels are printed on card stock in an acid/lignin free process.