Avery Labels For Essential Oil Bottles

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Avery Labels For Essential Oil Bottles, 190 Gram. White Self-Adhesive Label Sheets For Essential Oil Bottles and Diffusers. Prints on all sides and easily removed with a soft cloth.

Avery Labels For Essential Oil Bottles

Avery Labels For Essential Oil Bottles are a perfect way to protect your brand and product from damage. Our inkjet-compatible labels adhere to hard, clear plastic bottles and add a professional touch to your packaging.

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Avery 8859 labels are the perfect solution for your essential oils. These adhesive labels allow you to put your own custom label on any type of oil bottle, so you can make sure your oils are kept in great condition or have a unique scent.

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Avery Labels are a practical, cost-effective way to label essential oil bottles. They”re designed specifically to fit over the top of most common essential oil bottles – including 100ml, 350ml and 500ml sizes. Avery labels are made from durable paper that”s tear-proof and won”t fade over time unless left outside in direct sunlight.

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Avery Labels For Essential Oil Bottles are the perfect solution for your product labeling needs. Avery Liquid Tape”s invisible, moisture-based adhesive allows for smooth and easy label application, with no damage to the product. Avery tape is ideal for small liquid products and can be used with just about every type of bottle design.

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Avery Labels for Essential Oil Bottles – Clear/Clear 40 labels on a roll. Write your essential oil bottle label on with our tape gun and protect it from contamination with this moisture-resistant 1 mil polypropylene self-adhesive label. It fits on the back of most essential oils bottles, including glass, plastic, stainless steel and ceramic (not silicone).

Avery Labels For Essential Oil Bottles

Avery labels are made from the highest quality vinyl. These labels are waterproof, permanent, and easily attach to the bottle. Avery”s 100% adhesive gives you the option to customize your label with a drop cap, logo or personal message. A name in bold letters at the top of your label tells customers who made it and where it comes from. Avery provides 2 different labeling solutions for any bottle size or type. The most popular include carabiner clips sold separately that let you conveniently hang your oil bottles off of belts with loops, hangers and key chains or attach it to a bag or purse handle for easy access wherever you go.

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From essential oil, to essential oil bottle and essential oil storage container – Avery Labels for Essential Oils offer a complete line of colorful and durable, high-quality labels to wrap around your glass bottles.

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Avery Labels For Essential Oil Bottles, 2 Pack – 500 Labels for 16 ounce bottles; Ideal for labeling essential oil bottles or storage containers of all types. These high-quality labels are made from durable, recycled plastic.

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Avery Label for Essential Oil Bottles provide a perfect label solution for any essential oil bottle. Avery labels are carefully designed to ensure that no edges are damaged when you are applying the label, making them an ideal choice for cosmetic and beauty products.