Cricut Essential Oil Labels

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Our Cricut Essential Oil Labels are the perfect way to add a beautiful smell to your home or business.

Cricut Essential Oil Labels

Add your own unique touch to your essential oils with these Cricut Essential Oil Labels. The labels are laser cut and includes a 2mm hole so that you can easily add or remove your scents. They will fit perfectly inside any bottle of oil, allowing you complete control over the scent!

Essential Oil Inhaler Labels

Our essential oil labels are made with your DIY Cricut templates. The personalized cut shapes make them fun, classy and easy to apply. Use them as a sticker, add to gift bags or create a personalized set just for you!

Essential Oil Label Printing

Make your own custom labels for your favorite oils with the ease & accuracy of Cricut® Essential Oil Labels. Each label is cut freehand, not pre-labelled and can be easily added to their bottles of essential oils.

Essential Oil Label Printing

Create custom labels for your essential oils with our Cricut Essential Oil Labels. Designed to fit Pyrex glass bottles, these color-coded labels feature a variety of styles and motifs that work well for aromatherapy blends and for adding your own signature style to your bottles. Each label is printed using environmentally-friendly inks and is heat set on their clear backing. They”re a great addition to the aftermarket essential oil packaging choices you already have on hand.

How To Make Essential Oil Roller Bottle Labels

Cricut Essential Oil Labels are unique and beautifully decorated with essential oil color, floral images and words.

Cricut Essential Oil Labels

We were blown away by the quality and detail of these custom essential oil labels from Cricut. Each label is printed on cream card stock and has a two inch round cut out on the front so you can easily use it as a votive holder.

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If you’re looking for a new way to label your essential oils, or if you’ve always wanted to try out some new techniques, this is the kit for you! Our Essential Oil Labels are made of high quality, natural material that dries quickly and will withstand the elements. They can be used with any type of marker, and peel off painlessly from the item that they are placed on. Best of all, they don’t leave any residue behind when applied to the bottle (making them perfect for anyone who hates fingerprints and alcohol swabs!)

Essential Oil Diffuser Private Label

Our essential oils are premium and handcrafted by us. We use 100% renewable organic ingredients in our oils, and aim to make each blend unique to bring out the best properties of each plant.

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Our Cricut essential oil labels are perfect for DIY projects. Our labels fit perfectly on any of our Essential Oil bottles and allow you to make your own custom labels or include a name or sentiment.

Cricut Essential Oil Labels

Create your own custom label for your essential oils with the Cricut Essential Oil Labels. It comes in a pack of four (1 each of white, green and clear labels)

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We provide essential oil labels for both DIY crafters and wellness practitioners. Our supplies are 100% customizable, print on any kind of cardstock, and printed in the USA

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These decorative, scented labels easily attach to your goodies with ease. From homemade cookies and cupcakes to homemade wine and oil blends, no project is too big or small for our Perma-Guard Label.

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Create custom labels with your own images or words. Build up to 100 labels of varying colors and brand styles in a variety of sizes.