Doterra Essential Oil Labels

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Simple and easy to use. Doterra Essential Oil Labels are great for your home, office and car! They have a convenient 1 oz size for easy transport and storage. You can easily label the bottles with permanent markers or stickers. Use them to keep track of what you have used, who it was from, etc. Includes pack of 20 labels in total.

Doterra Essential Oil Labels

Our .5ml, 10ml and 30ml essential oil labels are perfect for packaging your essential oils. You get a professional label to stick on your bottles that includes a single action release tab. Plastic is easily recyclable and the design will never crack or tear.

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Essential Labels are uniquely hand-crafted in the United States. Our labels are specially printed with premium color inks, and feature a smooth, matte finish. Our product is safe for long term storage, as it is built to last.

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Come in with your oil and we”ll print you a label. We print them on an off-white, matte stock that measures 3/4 x 1. Flat-size labels are perfect for t-shirts, backpacks and purses. Our bigger stickers are perfect for wrapping in bathroom supplies such as soap and body spray bottles. They also make great party favor tags, window clings, etc.

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Depend on Doterra to take the guesswork out of your essential oil labeling. Choose from a wide range of custom labels for any size bottles you may use for your blends and topicals. Doterra is committed to making labeling easy for everyone!

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Essential oils are made by distilling the finest purest aroma and flavor essences from aromatic plants and flowers. Doterra essential oils are distilled 6 times longer than other leading brands for purity and quality control.

Doterra Essential Oil Labels

Our white medical-grade labels keep your essential oils safe and secure. Made to fit in all essential oil bottles, they allow you to identify your oils by their color, or by the name and location of origin, so you can rest easy knowing those precious drops have great protection. They are also waterproof and easy to remove when not needed, making them perfect for storing everything from antibacterial wipes to decongestants and vitamins.

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If you want to give your business or home a unique scent, then you need custom-designed essential oil labels. Our shower gel label is made from state-of-the-art polycarbonate, which makes this label durable and strong against the elements. The bottom of the label has a high gloss that lets the smoothness of your product shine through.

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Doterra Essential Oil Labels are designed for all of your essential oils and using it is not difficult at all.

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Doterra Essential Oil Labels are a premium and high quality alternative to labels that are manufactured in China. These labels are made from Static Resistant Polyester and will not move or fall off the bottle.

Doterra Essential Oil Labels

Full & half roll of 30 personalized labels per roll. 3 x 2 in size, with peel-off adhesive backing. These customizable essential oil labels are great for making DIY blends and bulk bottle sets that are customized with your own blend name, date and label information! Each label comes individually shrink wrapped, sealed in plastic pouch and placed into a small paper box.

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Personalize your essential oils with our exclusive Doterra label that includes your name, color and a unique identifier. The unique identifier will print on each bottle label when it is ordered and will allow you to track it through the Doterra system. When purchasing multiple bottles of any single oil or set, please note in the notes section at checkout the number of bottles you wish us to print.

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Doterra essential oil bottles are made with the highest quality and components, including a special inner seal that keeps the essential oil fresh without exposing it to air. Our labels include this same essential oil safety seal to maintain the element of surprise when you pull the lid off your bottle.