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Жеке энбелгилүү эфир майлары

These Essential Oil Bottle Top Labels have smooth, soft edges and also feature a clear center to clearly show off your brand logo or message.

Эфир майынын бөтөлкөлөрүнүн үстүнкү энбелгилери

Made with you in mind! Our Silver Label top quality essential oil bottle labels are the perfect addition to your essential oil business. Use them for wholesale or as a gift!

Мунай бөтөлкөлөрүнүн атайын этикеткалары

With these design-your-own essential oil labels you can customize the look of your own products. Purchase a set of our bottled essential oil labels with blank tops and choose from a variety of available colors, shapes and sizes. Choose single color or one of the double cut styles choices such as screw cap, swing top and sport bottle.

Private Label Essential Oil Blends

Create a custom label for your essential oils. Our labels make it easy to identify the oils you need, and ensure safe handling at all times. Save time, money and space by creating your own branded anti-spoiling labels for your bottles and containers with quality labels.

Private Label Essential Oil

Whether you distill your own oils from scratch or just want to add a little extra fun to the label, these bottles are the perfect choice. Choose between 70 ml, 100 ml, and 200 ml bottle sizes to create a great scent that says fresh and pure every time.

Эфир майын энбелгилөө мыйзамдары

These Personal Label Essential Oil Bottles feature a high-quality design with an easy to read label that can be customized with your company logo to create one of kind marketing items.

Эфир майынын бөтөлкөлөрүнүн үстүнкү энбелгилери

Give your bottles an attractive, professional look with our top-quality bottle labels.

Doterra Essential Oil этикеткасы

Essential oil bottle tops are a quick and easy way to label your essential oils. Our custom design labeled bottles are made of borosilicate glass, which is an inert and durable type of glass. Each label is printed on 100% cotton thread, with single-sided labels for personal preference, or multiple face options for non-personalization needs.

Эфир майынын басып чыгаруучу рецепт энбелгилери

Essential Oil Bottle Top Labels These essential oil bottle labels are sized to fit all standard essential oil bottles and come in both clear and white vinyl. They are perfect for diffusers, decal or paint project use or as a gift label. Please note: These labels do not fit nail polish bottles.

Эфир майынын бөтөлкөлөрүн белгилөөчү машина

Whether you are looking for essential oil bottle labels that are customized with your name, logo, or a custom design, we have what is needed for creating an eye-catching label that will increase demand and sales. Our customized labels include customizable text, including fonts and colors. Choose from our wide selection of custom printed labels on any shape or size!

Эфир майынын бөтөлкөлөрүнүн үстүнкү энбелгилери

High Quality, Permanent Ink and Glossy Labels: The labels are printed on 100% waterproof, stretchable label paper with permanent ink that will not fade and will not rub off as it dries. The labels are glossy to assure an extra smooth surface for easy scrub of the lid. Premium Quality: Our labels are sold in roll format (100 sheets), so you can order in bulk and keep stacking our oil bottles to reduce your costs. Each label is pre-printed with your logo. Plus, they’re perfect for co-ops, health food stores, and boutique shops.

Жеке энбелгилүү эфирдик май шамдары

These custom Essential Oil Bottles are a great way to promote your product or brand. These labels are easy to apply and remove, printed on durable label paper. Each pack includes enough labels for 100 bottles of your favorite essential oil.

Essential Oil Labels Cricut

Our Essential Oil Bottle Top Labels are the perfect way to protect your precious drops. These labels have great adhesive, which is less likely to damage the bottle than tape. They come in various colors and sizes and are perfect for DIY projects or gifts!

Эфир майынын этикеткасынын чаптамалары

Essential oil bottle labels are designed to keep the oils secure and your bottle secure. One label fits inside the neck or cap of most bottles, making them easy to use. The labels also have a peel-off backing so you can remove them while they’re still in place.

Essential Oil Roller Бөтөлкө этикеткасынын шаблону

Your bottles and labels are essential to your retail success, so spend only money on what is needed. Name brands can add a nice boost of credibility but as a store owner you need to spend a little more time on the budget part. Pick up our essential oil bottle label set and transform your often neglected items into one of your strongest sales points.

Эфир майынын бөтөлкөлөрү үчүн эң мыкты этикетка жаратуучусу

When you are looking for a product to sell, we will design your labels for you. From your logo, to a photo of your product and the essential oils that go into it can be printed on this label! With our technology, we can accommodate a wide variety of products and ensure that each and every label is perfect from the get-go.