Эфир майынын этикеткасынын чаптамалары

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Жеке энбелгилүү эфир майлары

Essential oil labels for your bottles, jars and bottles. They are designed to stick on the bottle or jar with a clear adhesive. An easy way to label your product with the name of the essential oil with these fine labels!

Эфир майынын этикеткасынын чаптамалары

Our Essential Oil Label Stickers are a great way to protect your bottle and help you remember the contents of your bottles.

Эфир майынын басып чыгаруучу рецепт энбелгилери

Marketing your essential oil business has never been easier with these Essential Oil Label Stickers. These 100% recycled vinyl stickers are high quality and crystal clear, with a matte finish for long lasting application. Great for labeling everything from bottles, jars and containers to paper products, books and storage containers

Rollerball Essential Oil этикеткасы

Each essential oil label sticker measures 2-inches in diameter and includes a peel off adhesive backing, so you can easily apply it directly to your bottles. These premium adhesive labels are easy to remove, but they’ll last forever!

Эфир майлары үчүн Cricut этикеткасы

These essential oil labels are easy to apply, simple and perfect for labeling your space. They stay on the bottle much better than band-aid stickers, aren”t as sticky, contain a layer of rubber so they won’t rip or tear off and will last longer than paper style stickers. These stickers are designed for small bottles that hold anywhere from 2-6 ml (1/20 – 1/4 tsp) of oil each. As an oil is absorbed into these rolls there is no need for additional branding. The oil will soak into the sticker directly without having any excess oil build up around the label.

Private Label Essential Oils Канада

These plastic stickers are a great way to display your essential oil products. You can use them on bottles, labels and jars

Эфир майынын этикеткасынын чаптамалары

Essential Oil Label Stickers, they are clear and easy to use. Use these stickers to label your essential oil bottles. Paper quality: strong, no worries of peeling or tearing. Fast drying time with instant stickiness.

Essential Oil Labels Diy

Essential Oil Label Stickers are a great way to show off your essential oils and make them stand out. These labels are designed to fit the glass bottles of most essential oils and they can also be used with other glass bottles, such as amber and crystal malais. Each sticker is cut in half so that you don”t have to peel it off the back when applying it.

Etsy Essential Oil этикеткасы

Essential oil labels in many sizes and shapes. Buy name brand essential oils with confidence from a company that’s been around for decades.

Private Label Essential Oil

You may not have to work with a large company and over 20 years of experience if you lose everything to a fire or flood. That”s why I created my private label essential oil label stickers. These unique products will help protect your business if something unfortunate happens to you. I”ve even included options for business cards, envelopes and more!

Эфир майынын этикеткасынын чаптамалары

Add a fun touch of personality to your essential oils with these essential oil label stickers. Great for home use, these labels are great for displaying on bottles, vials and containers. They stick on the surface and will not tear off easily.

Эфир майынын бөтөлкөлөрү жана этикеткалары

These essential oil stickers are designed to be laminated and stuck to your essential oil bottles. You will love how easy they make it to label your oils.

Эфирдик мунай продуктылары үчүн этикеткалар

Add a touch of style to your order with the Personalized Essential Oil Label Stickers. These stickers feature a design that”s perfect for natural wellness customers and shoppers alike. Each set of stickers comes with 100 sticky labels, which can be customized with your own friendly name as well as personal message and/or name on the front of each bottle.

Essential Oil Blend этикеткасы

Create your own custom essential oil label stickers with these easy to use, high-quality stickers. Made of paper, these stickers are durable and waterproof – perfect for a kitchen, bathroom or anywhere you want. Simply peel off the backing and stick them on virtually any clean surface.

Эфир майларынын этикеткалары

These essential oil label stickers are the perfect way to create your own customized bottles and labels. Use these beautifully designed stickers to add some flare, and make your bottle stand out with a personalized label. These stickers are printed on soft vinyl, so they will last for years and protect your bottle from damage during shipping.

Акысыз басып чыгаруучу эфир майынын бөтөлкөлөрүнүн жогорку энбелгилери

This product is designed to provide you with all the design elements you need to get professional looking labels on your essential oils. You can choose from a wide range of colors and textures that not only coordinate well with each other, but also work well when applied to bottles, jars and other products.