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Essential Oil Roller Bottle Labels provide your customers with a beautiful and practical way to easily identify the bottle they purchased.

Essential Oil Roller Бөтөлкө этикеткалары

Essential Oil Roller Bottle Label is the best way to add a label to the bottle. They are high-quality, water resistant and fit most essential oil bottles. Also keep your oils organized and ready for use, so you won”t have to search through your oils while you’re at the store. These one-directional labels feature a photosensitive coating that turns them opaque when exposed to light, so they can be used as placeholders or applied directly to the bottle.

Эфирдик майдын бөтөлкөлөрүнүн этикеткалары

These custom label sleeves are added to a standard essential oil roller bottle and provide a fantastic solution for dispensing your prized oils in their original bottles. The labels do not contain any text, so the trusted name of your product is always reflected. This can help improve the appeal of your product and across the net, creating EOY sales.

Essential Oil Roller Ball Labels

It”s essential to bring your bottle label printing experience to the next level with these personalized essential oil roller bottles. These custom designed labels are printed on glow sticks.

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If you are new to essential oils, you’re in for a treat! Our Private Label Essential Oil Roller Bottle labels offer the most professional look at an affordable price. These vinyl labels are printed on top quality, crystal clear adhesive label tape that is peel and apply. Each package comes with enough label sheets for 1 month of refill labels.

Эфир майынын этикеткасынын шаблону

These essential oil roller bottles are made of PETG plastic, which is safe to put on skin and easy to clean by washing with warm water and soap. The label size is 1w x 2. They include a flat label that you can use for decorating the bottle or apply it blank on the bottle for labeling. A plain white background with black text makes the label stand out from any other bottles in your home or office.

Essential Oil Roller Бөтөлкө этикеткалары

This custom sticker can be added to your order. It will make your product personalized.

Эфир майы аралашмалары үчүн этикеткалар

Essential Oil Roller Bottle Labels with a durable, flexible label that won”t crack or peel. Perfect for DIY cosmetic recipes and natural body care products.

Эфирдик майдын бөтөлкөлөрүнүн этикеткалары

When you need your labels in a hurry, these Essential Oil Roller Bottle Labels are ready to print. Individually address all of your bottles with no need for a tape dispenser or inkjet printer.

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These essential oil labels are perfect for indicating the type of oil, the bottle size and potency. These will make it easy on the eyes, and can be a great way to decorate your bottles.

Essential Oil Roller Бөтөлкө этикеткалары

If you are looking to purchase essential oil, but don”t need the whole package or have your own labels, these are for you! These labels are self-adhesive, easy to use and fit on most glassware. Multiple colors available. When purchasing more than one item, discount applies automatically

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Wrap up your essential oils and remove them from the bottle as many times as you need. No need to worry about spilling, with our long-lasting labels you can use them over and over again.