Private Label Essential Oil Blends

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Our Private Label Essential Oil Blends are the perfect canvas for your idea. Whether you”re selling a vintage inspired diffuser, selling essential oils for your clients or yourself, we have the right blend for your product.

Private Label Essential Oil Blends

We offer a variety of private label essential oils blends: lavender, peppermint and lemon oils. Each blend has the same base oil and all the same high quality ingredients at a discounted price for you to purchase, in bulk.

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Our Private label essential oil blends are 100% pure, organic and never certified organic.

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Build your own blends to meet the changing needs of your customers. Our essential oils are 100% pure and provide a refreshing aroma for your customers.

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This essential oil will have a unique aroma that is pleasant and clean. It is great for usage in home cleaning products and personal care products, and it has been shown to kill bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew.

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Looking to highlight your brand? Our Private Label Essential Oils are specially blended by us and perfect for blending with our essential oils.

Private Label Essential Oil Blends

Private Label Essential Oils Blends is a unique way to market your products. You can create your own unique blends and sell them on the marketplace. Choose from over 100 essential oils and aroma blends, or add your own custom blend to create your own signature product.

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Our private label essential oils are the perfect blend to bring your own brand to life. Each blend of oil is complex and unique, so you can create your own product that fits perfectly into your brand”s style.

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Have your products turn heads with our exclusive scented oils! Each blend is hand-crafted and made in small batches to ensure the highest quality natural ingredients.

Wholesale Private Label Essential Oils

We”re dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of essential oils with a consistent and professional delivery. Our natural fragrance blends are created using only all-natural ingredients, including delectable base oils, herbs and spices.

Private Label Essential Oil Blends

Private label essential oils to help you get your business off the ground. Private label essential oils that have been expertly mixed for you by an aromatherapist.

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Private Label Essential Oils Blends are high quality, well-researched and full of popular essential oils you can use to make your own personal blend. Each vial contains 3 ml – enough to use as a few drops of an essential oil in blends, or several full doses as needed.

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Our Private Label Essential Oil Blends are the same high-quality oils you would buy at the store, but they”re much more affordable! We offer wholesale prices on all of our oils, including our private label blends.

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Private Label Essential Oil Blends are ready to be sold right out of the bottle. Simply choose your blend and click the modify button to make minor changes, then click ”Save” – this will create your own custom blend with your own label. You can also go on to select your own packaging options including bottles, drop caps, exporter name and logo.