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Rollie – Rollerball Essential Oil Labels are the ne plus ultra of essential oil labels. These creamy and soft labels can be used with all kind of natural cosmetics products: bodycare, skincare and hair care!

Rollerball Essential Oil этикеткасы

These essential oil labels are made of a decorative paper that is coated on both sides. The paper has steel balls embedded in it so that the label will roll freely and last longer. Ideal for home, office or other uses.

Эфир майынын ингаляторунун этикеткалары

These Rollers are perfect for oils and other small items. We use premium quality, non-toxic inks that are non-hazardous to the environment. The label size is 2 x 1, which fits 10ml of oil or 1 teaspoon of powder. There is a white cap that seals the bottle for easy storage and traveling. You can put your name on it, or use it to make a label for the labels with your own logo! These sticker labels are the perfect companions to your essential oils!

Essential Oil Bottle Top Labels

Now your customers can see the name of their essential oil in a stylish way with these gorgeous non toxic labels. They are a great way to add a little style and class to any product.

Эфир майы капкак этикеткалары

Our rollerball essential oil labels are printed on Avery 60pt paper, so they”re smooth and easy to write on. Your customers will be able to recognize the name of their product immediately and they”ll be able to dispense it easily as well.

Эфир майынын бош этикеткалары

Rollerball Essential Oil Labels are made from polyester, are printed on metalized foil paper and cut-to-fit with a label cutter. Use them to label surface-use bottles, medicine or cosmetics containers, or make up tubes.

Rollerball Essential Oil этикеткасы

Your essential oils are on a roll with our innovative rollerball labels. They’re easy to apply, and the small fit provides protection from light and heat damage, so your oils will last longer, too.

Oil Proof Labels For Essential Oil Bottles

Find the perfect essential oil label for your roll ons, atomizers and more with our great selection of adhesive-backs. We offer a variety of sizes, shapes and colors in Vinyl Descriptive Labeled Roll Ons from use only to travel sprays.

Эфир майы капкак этикеткалары

Roll-on essential oil labels are a low-cost and easy way to label your oils and liquids. Each label is a high quality direct thermal printer, so they’re durable and waterproof, making them great for long-term use. They are made with a soft rubber that makes them easy to apply, remove or replace without leaving any residue on the surface of the rollerball bottle.

Diy Labels For Essential Oils

These essential oil labels are durable and waterproof, perfect for outdoor use. Packaged in a roll of 200 labels, with clear top sheet for easy identification.

Rollerball Essential Oil этикеткасы

These labels are made from a water-based ink and adhere to glass using a mild adhesive available in almost any pharmacy. Suggested uses: DIY beauty products, cleaners, laundry and dishwashing detergent, candles and lotion. Perfect for labeling your own essential oils!

Essential Oil Private Labeling

These rollerball style essential oil labels are perfect for personal use, in your business or even a gift.

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Our rollerball essential oil labels are perfect for your tabletop oils and herbal blends, making it easy to identify yours with custom labels.

Essential Oil Roller этикеткалары бекер

These labels are perfect for any rollerball bottles, allowing you to make labels personal and custom. With a variety of font styles and colors available, matching your label style with your bottle is easy. These labels provide all the information required by the FDA to prevent misuse of essential oils.

Young Living Essential Oil Label Colors Meaning

Keep track of your essential oils with our set of custom rollerball essential oil labels. We print each label on 100lb card stock and laminate it to protect the label, making your product labelling cost effective and simple.

Young Living Essential Oils Label Colors

If you”re looking for a way to customize your essential oils and make them more portable, add these rollerball labels to the bottle. They are entirely translucent so you can see exactly how much oil you have, along with a clear label that clearly identifies the contents and the amount (10 ml).